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Specialists in Antique Buddhist
Transformative Artefacts

Ancient Dzi Beads
Sacred Dzi Beads

"Unlock the Transformative Power of
Tibetan Dzi beads

Mala beads
Mala Beads

"Infinitely beautiful Mala of Outstanding quality!
Indescribable Power Self-Discovery and inner Peace”

Buddhist Art

Embrace Cultural heritage
Elevate your Spiritual practice

Artistry Mindfulness Growth

Tibetan Amulet
Tibetan Amulets

Sacred Rarity
Master Quality
Transformative power

Mystical Thogchag

Exquisite Museum Quality
Unlock Your Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Energy

Singing bowl
Singing Bowls

"Discover an outstanding Collection
of superb Tibetan singing bowls
Meditation, Collection, Personal growth”


Unleash the vibrant energy of antique coral
and Turquoise
Indulge in our outstanding Coral collection Now!

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Welcome to Antiques Himalaya ≈ One of the World’s leading online providers of antique Tibetan Buddhist treasures with spiritual significance Find out more!

Invaluable Himalayan provenance, Heirloom or Monastery treasure

Own a piece of history Today! 


Expertly curated – Ancient Wisdom:

Discover the Enigmatic Power of Dzi Beads Now!


Exquisite Rarity: Superb Antique Mala with

Transformative Power 

Meditation∼Peace of mind ∼ Wisdom ∼ Compassion 


We hand-pick each piece for its Beauty, quality, Uniqueness and Rarity  We are Honoured to share this with you!


Immerse yourself in the allure of our treasures, each bearing the mark of its own illustrious history and Waiting to be cherished -himalayan antiques 

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Infinitely beautiful Mala in outstanding quality!! Wonderful, authentic smell and indescribable power, peace and energy! Accompanies me every day now! I feel protected while wearing it. Super nice salesman! Highly recommended! Would buy here again anytime! Thanks for everything -himalayan antiques
Christina Eyman 12/22
This is an exquisite Mala, with real energy and presence. It will be a beautiful aid to my meditation practice. it will be Cherished. Thank you -himalayan antiques
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