Dzi bead Tasso

Dzi, powerful sought after and the most collected amulets in the world 4 Eye Dzi Bead

We guarantee the authenticity of all our Ancient beads

Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, handcrafted, genuine artefacts

▪︎ From a Rare collection of sacred Tibetan Buddhist art


▪︎ Collected in the Himalayas

▪︎ 100% age and Authenticity Guaranteed

▪︎ 2000 years old

▪︎ Exquisite craftsmanship, wisdom and sacred, spiritual energy

■High quality agate

▪︎Outstanding work, strait, continous lines, sharp teeth

▪︎Beautiful colour combination, the sought after brown and yellow tooth

▪︎Supperb patina

▪︎ Size . 26mm x 8.5mm

▪︎ Symbolism. Tiger tooth, Tasso. Courage, Strength and protection

PLEASE NOTE. Only the Dzi bead is included in this sale, for purchasing together with the turquoise please Contact us!

❤️ Buy with Confidence!



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