Kapala Amulets


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○ In a world of reproduction art in mass production our passion lies in offering you a collection of high Quality, Genuine Handcrafted artifacts

○ With our expertise of Antique collecting and curation, every piece we present you is a testament to commitment to authenticity


○ We stand by the quality of these treasures and offer a 100% Money-back guarantee, assuring you that each artefact you acquire holds the integrity and value it promises


○ Our items journey from the Himalayas, worshiped and used by Tibetan monk and layman

○ I invite you to explore this collection of exquisite craftsmanship and sacred energy of the devotion of Buddhists and channel the reverence, wisdom, and spiritual energy of been cherished generations



○ Rare, Precious, meditation and good fortune amulet

○ Hand carved, embodying profound symbolism

○ Tibetan Lama blessed

○ Collected in the Himalaya

○ 6 Kapala amulet collection beads 

○ Superb patina and preservation

○ Tibetan provenance

○ Sacred Conch shell carving

○ Antique (extremely important that kapala is a minimum of 50 years old)


○ The energy of the past and the power of Kapala connect you to a world of ancient wisdom and spiritual significance


○ Kapala, in Tibetan Buddhism, signifies the impermanence of life and the liberation from the ilusion of  ego


○ It represents the transformative journey, encouraging self-awareness and a deeper connection to the spiritual realm


○ Allow this amulet to guide you in your spiritual journey. Fostering a deep connection with Kapala’s transformation energy and manifest your intentions

● Order Now: Elevate your spiritual energy with the profound energy of this Kapala artefact!!


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