Ancient Phum Dzi

Dzi, powerful sought after and the most collected ancient bead amulets in the world

∇  As much as we try, the Beauty Presence and Energy of these wonderful beads can not be captured in photos, neither can really be described in words but rather need to be discovered by holding and waring this ancient beads 

   Age ∼ Over 2000 yeas old / We guarantee the authenticity of all our Ancient beads

   Size ∼21mm x 9.5mm  

  This is a superb quality Phum of outstanding  beauty, workmanship and condition. It is extremely rare shape and great decoration and it is very desired by Tibetan people and collectors 

   It is opaque, with a  black Colour and cream/ yellow tooth decoration. Decoration is of superb quality with straight, thick lines for its size, perfectly preserved, continuous all around the bead including side lines, that is rarely found ancient bead.  

   It has a strong, waxy skin Surface that characterises ancient beads

   Perfectly preserved Perforations at both ends, one side black and one brown and superb surface apart from time covered small dings that add to its character and beauty. It is a solid bead that will give ample visual pleasure and would make a wonderful necklace 

   This would be a very special collection bead 

   Symbol ~ Turtle shell and 2 stripes beads are very desired because it is believed in they energy and power to give its owner Longevity and Inner wisdom 

   Personally chosen and collected in our travels in the Himalayas

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