Ancient Dzi Beads

Ancient Dzi, the most powerful sought after and the most collected amulets in the world

   Age ∼ 2000/3000 yeas old / We guarantee the authenticity of all our Ancient bead

Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, handcrafted, genuine artifacts

▪︎ From a Rare collection of sacred Tibetan Buddhist art

▪︎ Collected over 20 years in Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet and India

○ Genuine Tibetan Ancient beads bracelet the rich cultural heritage of Tibet


○ 100% Genuine handcrafted beads, worn ans cherished by Tibetan people

○ Rare find for collectors and enthusiasts alike

○ Superb Phum, Gost eye

○ Strait, complete lines

○ Deep black and white lines

○ Good condition, complete, no damage, no cracks, no repairs, no fake redecoration

○ Old 2000+years old beads

○ Ancient beads

○ 10mm Ancient Ghost Eye

○ 5 x Ancient Suleimani, center line

○ 1 x Ancient decorated Carnelian

○ 1 x Ancient Blue Chalcedony

○ 1 x Ancient Blue Lazuli

○ 2 x Antique Coral

○ 1 x Antique Amber

○ 1 x Antique sacred bone

○ 1 x Vintage Turquoise

○ 2 x Antique 18 carat Gold beads

○ 14 x black Tourmaline spacers 6mm

° Buy with Confidence




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Ancient Dzi Beads

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