Tibetan Dzi Bead

Dzi, powerful sought after and the most collected amulets in the world

¨     Size  ~ 47×12.5

¨     Age ~antique/vintage/recent 

¨     Material ~ Superb quality natural Agate  

¨     Workmanship ~  Master workmanship, very rare bead 

¨     Condition ~  superb  quality, excellent  bead

¨     Colours ~ Black & white, blue

¨     Symbol ~  4 eyes 

¨     Powerful vibrational energy 

¨     Collected in the Himalayas


The beauty and artistry of Buddhist arts and their power to aid mindfulness are in the unique energy and character of each piece; experienced through a Personal Connection

It is said that when one feels drawn to a particular object, one has found one’s meditation deity ~ Cherish the Buddha nature within you


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Tibetan Dzi Bead
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