Tibetan Dzi Bead

▪︎ Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, handcrafted, genuine artifacts

▪︎ From a Rare collection of sacred Tibetan Buddhist art

▪︎ Collected over 20 years in Himalayas,

Nepal, Tibet and India

▪︎ Mostly in a two years pilgrimage and frequent returns

▪︎ Collected mostly from monasteries, worshiped by Tibetan Lama monk, Hollyman, Tibetan refugees and devoted practitioners

▪︎ Expertly selected, every piece is testament to our commitment to authenticity

▪︎ 100% age and Authenticity Guarantee. Each artefact you acquire holds the integrity and value it promises


▪︎ Exquisite craftsmanship, wisdom and sacred, spiritual energy of the devotion

▪︎ 100% natural Agate

▪︎ Superb quality Taiwanese Dzi bead

▪︎High quality craftsmanship

▪︎ Stunning details, strait lines a

Pwrfect blavk and white colours

▪︎ Nice patina

▪︎ Condition . Well loved and preserved

▪︎ Size . 37mm x 11mm

▪︎ Symbolism . 2Eyes, Relationships, Connection, Comunication, Love

▪︎ Bracelet of black Tourmaline and gold on wax beads, I can make into a necklace if preferred

° Buy with Confidence.


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