Tibetan Dzi

Dzi, powerful sought after and the most collected ancient tibetan dzi bead amulets in the world

¨     Size  ~ 24.5x 10.5

¨     Possibly taiwanese bead  

¨     Material ~ Superb quality natural Agate  

¨     Workmanship ~  rare Master workmanship,

¨     Condition ~ superb condition bead, extremely rare

¨     Colours ~ deep brown & yellow tooth

¨     Symbol ~ tass0 and double lines

¨     Powerful vibrational energy 

¨     Collected in the Himalayas


The beauty and artistry of Buddhist arts and ancient tibetan dzi bead their power to aid mindfulness are in the unique energy and character of each piece; experienced through a Personal Connection

It is said that when one feels drawn to a particular object, one has found one’s meditation deity ~ Cherish the Buddha nature within you

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