Buddha Statue

Shakyamuni Buddha Garden Statue

  • Origin: 19th Century Tibet
  • H 30cm
  • Master craftmanship, exquisite detail
  • Powerful energy
  • Strong presence
  • Condition: excellent
  • Gold Gilded Bronze Buddha

All characteristics of Shakyamuni Buddha present. He is seated in the lotus position of meditation—legs crossed at the ankles with the soles upward—his back straight, He wears a simple, thin monk’s robe that covers his left shoulder and arm and exposes the right

  • The statue shows the moment of his enlightenment
  • Shakyamuni’s right hand reaches down to touch the earth. This gesture represents the moment when he called the earth to witness his transcendence of the realm of Mara, the supreme God of the world (samsara), who had tried to distract him from his meditation. In response, the earth trembled and shook to acknowledge Shakyamuni’s attainment of buddha garden statue.
  • Shakyamuni’s left hand rests in his lap in the gesture of meditation, and holds his alms bowl
  • Third eye
  • Strong body, youth, as at the time of enlightenment
  • At the top of his head is a protuberance that is associated with his transcendent wisdom.
  • His hair is shown as a mass of compact curls. His earlobes are elongated.

How are Buddhist sculptures used?

  • Tibetan sacred art always serves a religious function. This sculpture, like most Tibetan art, may be used in meditation as an aid to visualize buddha garden statue moment of enlightenment, one’s own enlightenment, as well as that of all other beings
  • The sacred sculpture gives the practitioner direct access to the Buddha once it is ritually empowered as an embodiment of the Buddha.
  • It may then receive the obeisance, offerings, confessions and prayers of every variety from the practitioner. These sacred images take a place of honour on a altar, whether at home or in a monastery. There they become a focal point for meditation and ritual

    Don’t miss the opportunity to own this truly remarkable and rare antique Buddha statue, a treasure that encapsulates the wisdom and grace of centuries past. Place this exquisite piece of spiritual artistry in your home or sacred space and immerse yourself in its timeless beauty.

Dzi, powerful sought after and the most collected ancient bead amulets in the world

∇  As much as we try, the Beauty Presence and Energy of these wonderful beads can not be captured in photos, neither can really be described in words but rather need to be discovered by holding and waring this ancient beads 

   Age ∼ Over 2000 yeas old / We guarantee the authenticity of all our Ancient beads

  Ancient Bead Size ∼21mm x 9.5mm  

  This is a superb quality Phum of outstanding  beauty, workmanship and condition. It is extremely rare shape and great decoration and it is very desired by Tibetan people and collectors 

   It is opaque, with a  black Colour and cream/ yellow tooth decoration. Decoration is of superb quality with straight, thick lines for its size, perfectly preserved, continuous all around the bead including side lines, that is rarely found 

   It has a strong, waxy skin Surface that characterises ancient beads

   Perfectly preserved Perforations at both ends, one side black and one brown and superb surface apart from time covered small dings that add to its character and beauty. It is a solid bead that will give ample visual pleasure and would make a wonderful necklace 

   This would be a very special collection bead 

   Symbol ~ Turtle shell and 2 stripes beads are very desired because it is believed in they energy and power to give its owner Longevity and Inner wisdom 

   Personally chosen and collected in our travels in the Himalayas


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Buddha Statue
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