Tibetan Vajra Ancient

Embark on a transformative journey of consciousness and spiritual growth with this ancient vajra tibetan buddhism from our collection of genuine and cherished Tibetan artifacts. Owning and meditating with this sacred object has the power to elevate your spirit, expand your compassion, and deepen your inner wisdom.

Crafted with exquisite artistry, this hand-carved Vajra features five prolongs, representing the indestructible and diamond-like qualities of enlightenment. Made during the 18th century, it is an incredibly rare piece of exceptional quality, possibly crafted from a sky metal alloy—a testament to the advanced skills of ancient artisans.

Collected during our travels in Tibet, this Vajra holds a rich history and carries the blessings of the region. It bears the marks of being well used and cherished, showcasing a beautiful patina that adds to its allure. Remarkably, it remains in very good condition, free from any damage or flaws.

Measuring 96mm x 24mm, this Vajra is a tangible embodiment of spiritual power and grace. As you hold it in your hands, you will be captivated by its wonderful feel and the energy it emanates. Its presence alone is a testament to the beauty and artistry of vajra tibetan buddhism, inviting you to forge a personal connection and experience its transformative energy.

Using the Vajra in meditation deepens your practice and connects you with the unshakable nature of enlightenment. As you engage with this sacred object, allow its symbolism to awaken your inner wisdom, strengthen your focus, and ignite your compassion. With each touch and strike, feel the Vajra resonate within you, guiding you towards a profound state of mindfulness and spiritual awakening.

Embrace the unique energy and character of this ancient Vajra, knowing that it holds the power to transform your consciousness. Add it to your collection as a powerful symbol of spiritual devotion and as a cherished instrument for your practice. The beauty and artistry of Buddhist arts come alive through this personal connection, enriching your journey and inviting a profound sense of inner transformation.


 vajra tibetan buddhism


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Tibetan Vajra Ancient

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