Tibetan Turquoise Tara

° Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, handcrafted, genuine artifacts

▪︎ From a Rare collection of sacred Tibetan Buddhist art

▪︎ Collected over 20 years in Himalayas

▪︎ Worshiped by Tibetan Lama monk, Hollyman, Tibetan refugees and devoted practitioners

▪︎ Expertly selected, every piece is testament to our commitment to authenticity

▪︎ 100% age and Authenticity Guarantee. Each artefact you acquire holds the integrity and value it promises

▪︎ Exquisite craftsmanship, wisdom and sacred, spiritual energy of the devotion

▪︎ GREEN TARA AMULET Antique 100% natural, Turquoise

° Rare, high density Tibetan Turquoise

° Rare, Turquoise colour

◇ Superb quality craftsmanship

◇ Beautiful patina

▪︎ Condition . Well loved and preserved

▪︎ Size 36mm x 26mm / 7.5g

▪︎ Symbolism, Green Tara

° Buy with Confidence!


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