Bodhi Mala

Bodhi Mala ♦ Lama used

bodhi seed mala prayer beads in Sanskrit refers to “Mind of awakening” mind of Bodhisattva, to pursue enlightenment for the benefit of all. It is the only Mala used by Tibetan beads .

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment meditating under the tree that was later called the Bodhi Tree.

o  Known to aid spiritual awakening ∼ increases compassion and inner wisdom ∼ transforms consciousness

o   The most sought after and collected Mala ∼ known as the ultimate Mala for Meditation and mind purification.

o   Genuine Rare Antique Spiritual item.

o   Beads Size 9mm.

o   Length 50cm measured when stretched on the inside, starting from under the top bead to the top of Guru bead.

o   Showing Patina and signs of age that adds to its charm and beauty. 

o   100% Guaranteed Real bodhi seed mala prayer beads ∼ natural and not treated, cut , dyed or sanded.

o  Beads of beautiful natural colour. 

o   High quality and strong, good condition ∼ no hole damage ∼ no water damage ∼ no sanding or cutting ∼ smooth touch. 

o   Tibetan Lama Monk owned ∼ used/blessed.

o   We can re-string at no extra cost. 

o  Acquired in Himalaya.


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