kapala mala

Delve into the mystique of our antique kapala mala bracelet, adorned with a pair of 11mm coral beads, a 2000-year-old single-line banded agate bead, and a lovely amber bead. This remarkable artifact, with its captivating combination of elements, transports you to ancient realms while infusing your spiritual journey with profound significance.

Crafted in the 19th century, this superb Kapala is a testament to timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. Its preserved condition showcases the exquisite artistry of the past, making it a cherished treasure for discerning collectors.

At the center of this Kapala, you’ll find a delightful amber bead, radiating warmth and gentle energy. Amber has long been revered for its healing properties, promoting vitality, clarity, and spiritual grounding. Its inclusion in this Kapala elevates its power, creating a harmonious blend of transformative energies.

The pair of 11mm coral beads adorning the kapala mala bracelet adds vibrant splashes of color and symbolism. Coral is known for its protective and nurturing qualities, instilling a sense of emotional balance and inner peace. As you engage with this Kapala, the coral beads act as guardians, shielding you from negativity and amplifying your connection to the natural world.

A truly remarkable feature of this Kapala is the 2000-year-old single-line banded agate bead. With its rich history and unique patterns, this ancient bead serves as a tangible link to civilizations of the past. Its presence evokes a sense of wonder and ignites a deep connection to ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge.

Measuring 34cm with beads 9mm x6mm this Kapala dimensions make it perfect for wearing comfortably during meditation or as a symbol of your spiritual journey throughout the day. Feel the weight of history in your hands as you explore the profound depths of self-discovery and transformation.

Seize the opportunity to own this extraordinary antique kapala mala bracelet with coral beads, a 2000-year-old agate bead, and a lovely amber bead. Embrace its beauty, significance, and historical value as you embark on your spiritual path. Let it become a cherished relic, passed down through generations, carrying the energy and stories of the past.

Order now and invite the enchanting energy of this exceptional Kapala, coral beads, ancient agate bead, and lovely amber bead into your life. Wear it with reverence, knowing that you possess a treasure that embodies the wisdom of the ages. Allow its transformative power to guide your spiritual growth and illuminate your path to enlightenment.



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kapala mala

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