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Mala beads

The beauty and artistry of Buddhist arts and their power to aid mindfulness are in the unique energy and character of each piece; experienced through a Personal Connection

It is said that when one feels drawn to a particular object, one has found one’s meditation deity. Cherish the Buddha nature within you

o Tibetan Buddhist Meditation practice and collection item
o Tibetan Temple Lama monk made, owned, used


o Rare Antique Mala
o Size | 34cm, stretched including Guru bead / 8.3mm beads
o Age | Decades
o Beads | Lotus seed 

o Antique real Coral, Turquoise, Ivory guru bead

Great condition, beautiful colour with great size for ease of use in mediation/practice and also discreet in public
o Patina and signs of age that adds to its charm and beauty
o Powerful vibrational energy
o Collected in the Himalayas / Traditionally used loved and cherished

Original price was: £595.00.Current price is: £525.00.

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Mala beads
Original price was: £595.00.Current price is: £525.00.

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