Mala beads Coral


SUPERB QUALITY Antique genuine Tibetan Coral  Mala beads

1 Ancient Chong Dzi

6 Ancient Ramik

4  Antique Turquoise high quality

1 Turquoise Guru bead

1 Antique Counters pair

28 Antique Coral beads 100% natural

5 Ancient Carnelian beads

4 Ivory beads

2 Dice beads bone

1 Antique Agate wheel of life

1 Ancient blue Chalcedony

1 sky iron Counter bead

1 Antique Dear tooth

1 Antique barley bead

1 sky iron ring bead

68 pieces in Total tibetan mal

A superb antique coral mala beads made from antique and vintage natural, genuine Coral beads, Aber, Turquoise, Kapala, I,v,o,r,y, Sacred bone and metal alloy beads and counters. Also on the mala, ancient banded Agate, ancient Carnelian, ancient blue Chalcedony and ancient Jasper

Size / most beads are an average of 9/9.5mm diameter and length 31cm

The coral used in this antique mala beads vary in colour, ranging from deep red to pink, orange. adding to its uniqueness and vary in size and shape slightly, as they are often handcrafted. Coral mala beads are mostly round or slightly elongated, with a smooth and polished surface.

Spacer beads are smaller in size, are placed between the larger mala beads for ease of counting or meditation. The guru bead is larger and beautifully ornate, serves as a focal point and marker for the completion of a full round of recitations or meditations

This antique coral mala beads have developed a patina or weathered appearance, adding to their vintage charm and character. This patina gives the beads a sense of history and depth.

Antique coral mala beads are not only valued for their visual beauty but also for their cultural and spiritual significance. They serve as a tool for prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice while also being cherished as unique and historical artifacts

This mala has a wonderful energy and will be difficult to put down by its owner, in meditation or otherwise

Benefits for using coral mala

Using a coral mala, or prayer beads, for spiritual practices can provide several potential benefits and are valued for their cultural and symbolic significance. Here are some potential benefits associated with using coral malas:

Focus and Concentration: Using a mala can help enhance focus and concentration during prayer, meditation, or mantra recitation. The repetitive movement of the beads and the tactile sensation can serve as an anchor for attention, allowing the mind to stay focused on the practice at hand.

Spiritual Connection: Coral is often considered a sacred material in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Using a coral mala can deepen one’s sense of connection to the divine or spiritual realm, facilitating a sense of reverence, devotion, and spiritual communion.

Counting and Progress Tracking: systematic counting of prayers, mantras, or breaths. Using a coral mala enables practitioners to keep track of their progress and maintain a consistent practice over a desired duration or set number of repetitions.

Symbolism and Energy: Coral is associated with various symbolic meanings, such as protection, healing, and vitality. Using a coral mala can invoke these symbolic qualities and serve as a reminder of one’s intentions, aspirations, or spiritual goals. It may also be believed to channel and amplify positive energy during practice.

Mindfulness and Stress Relief: Engaging with a coral mala can promote mindfulness by bringing one’s attention to the present moment and the tactile experience of handling the beads. This can aid in stress reduction, relaxation, and cultivating a state of inner calm and tranquillity.

It’s important to note that the benefits of using a coral mala can vary among individuals and depend on personal beliefs, intentions, and the depth of one’s spiritual practice. If you choose to use a coral mala, it’s advisable to approach it with respect, reverence, and an open mind, understanding its cultural and spiritual significance.

Consulting with experienced practitioners or teachers can provide further guidance on incorporating a coral mala into your spiritual journey.

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