Tibetan Mala beads

Tibetan Mala Beads 

○ This rare Antique Mala is a stunning piece of Tibetan artistry that features sandal wood as its primary material.

○ It has Antique status with a rich history that dates back to Tibet.

○ The necklace is adorned with original beads Sacred Guru Bead, original counters, which add to its unique beauty and value.

○ This Mala is a perfect addition to any collection of Asian/Oriental Antiques, especially Tibetan ones. It is a true testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the Tibetan people and their rich cultural heritage.

○ A powerful spiritual advancement and Meditation artefact

○ 19th/early 20th Century

Invest with Confidence in this superb, rare treasure!!


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Tibetan Mala beads

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