Tibetan Mala beads

◇ Stunning late 19th Century mala

◇ I, V, O, R, Y 108 beads of superb condition and preservation
◇Adorned with Tibetan Turquoise Guru
◇ Antique Counters beads

◇ This remarkable artifact, with its captivating combination of elements, transports you to ancient realms while infusing your spiritual journey with profound significance.

◇ Crafted in the 19th century or before , this superb Kapala is a testament to timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. Its preserved condition showcases the exquisite artistry of the past, making it a cherished treasure for discerning collectors

◇ Measuring 34cm with beads 8mm beads, dimensions make it perfect for wearing comfortably during meditation or as a symbol of your spiritual journey throughout the day. Feel the weight of history in your hands as you explore the profound depths of self-discovery and transformation.

◇ Seize the opportunity to own this stunning antique Mala
◇ Embrace its beauty, significance, and historical value as you embark on your spiritual path.
◇ Let it become a cherished relic, passed down through generations, carrying the energy and stories of the past.

◇ Wear it knowing that you possess a treasure that embodies the wisdom of the ages
◇ Allow its transformative power to guide your spiritual growth and illuminate your path

Order now and invite the enchanting energy of this exceptional Kapala into your life


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Tibetan Mala beads

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