Tibetan Mala Spacer

○ Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, handcrafted, genuine artifacts

○ This antique finding , is called a Spacer bead. It is a stunning piece of Tibetan artistry that features silver and coral as its primary materials

○ It has Antique status with a rich history that dates back to old Tibet

○ This was collected from a Tibetan Temple in Himalayas Nepal and it was part of a prayer mala

○ 13mm x 13mm

○ 19th century early 20th century

○ Superb master craftsmanship

○ Rare, real Coral, proving the importance was place on it

○ Highly collectable

○ Add to a mala, to a string of special beads for a unique powerfull amulet or ware in its own

○ A perfect addition to any collection of Asian/Oriental Antiques, especially Tibetan ones. It is a true testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the Tibetan people, their rich cultural heritage and devotion to Buddhist practice

○ Symbol, Lotus flower

Collect this special treasure, if you like it. one day you going to thank yourself!

Invest with Confidence in this superb, rare treasure!

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