Mala beads Kapala & Bodhichitta


Mala beads bracelet Stunning Tibetan Kapala & Bodhi seed Bracelet / Lama skull, Monk carve


Introducing our captivating unisex wrist mala, meticulously handcrafted with beautiful antique bodhicitta beads measuring 10mm in diameter. This extraordinary mala is adorned with five rare Tibetan kapala beads, all collected from the mystical Himalayan region during our transformative travels. Wearing this mala not only showcases its beauty and craftsmanship but also brings forth a multitude of potential benefits.

As you embrace this wrist mala, the profound energy of the antique bodhicitta beads envelops your being. These beads hold deep spiritual significance and are believed to embody the enlightened mind of compassion. Wearing bodhicitta beads can evoke a sense of deep compassion, loving-kindness, and altruism within you, promoting a more compassionate outlook towards oneself and others.

The presence of the five Tibetan kapala beads adds a mystical and transformative element to this mala. Kapala beads are traditionally associated with wrathful deities and symbolize the transcendence of fear and attachment. Wearing these beads can assist in releasing negative patterns, overcoming obstacles, and embracing change with courage and resilience.

As you adorn this mala, it becomes a sacred talisman of your connection to the Himalayas and the profound experiences encountered during your travels. Each bead carries the energetic imprints of the sacred lands, grounding you in the present moment, fostering serenity, and inspiring a deep sense of spiritual connection.

Beyond its spiritual benefits, this unisex wrist mala is a testament to masterful craftsmanship. The combination of the antique bodhicitta beads and the Tibetan kapala beads exudes a captivating and unique aesthetic. Strung on supple leather, it offers a harmonious blend of strength and elegance, allowing you to showcase your personal style with a touch of rugged sophistication.

Engaging with this mala during meditation and mindfulness practices becomes a transformative journey. The smooth texture of the beads beneath your fingertips invites you into a state of profound presence and inner stillness. Each bead serves as a focal point, anchoring your awareness and guiding you into deeper states of meditation. This mala supports the quieting of the mind, the release of stress, and the cultivation of clarity and insight.

Embrace the captivating beauty, spirituality, and transformative qualities of our unisex wrist mala. Its beautiful antique bodhicitta beads, paired with the five Tibetan kapala beads, embody a harmonious fusion of compassion and strength. Experience the potential benefits it offers while expressing your unique style and profound connection to the divine. Let this extraordinary mala be your companion on your spiritual journey, igniting compassion, empowering transformation, and deepening your connection to your authentic self.


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