Antique Thogchag


  • Size 33.5/27mm
  • Material | High quality Thogchag material as in old artefacts, possibly sky metal alloy
  • Age | Smooth to touch
  • Workmanship | A stunning piece, extremely rare, highly collectable | Master craftmanship Museum quality
  • Thogchags are a major part of Tibetan heritage, a valuable indicator of Tibetan history and culture that is quickly disappearing

Highly prized by Tibetans, Thogchags are the most adequate Talismans traditionally worn for protection and good luck

  • Condition | beautiful Patina and warned surface
  • Bail | Bail, worn out, rounded with long life left into it
  • Oxidation | stunning colours, deep gold, green, black
  • Powerful¬†vibrational energy¬†
  • symbol Karmapa
  • Collected in the Himalayas
  • 100% Guaranteed genuine | made using several lost ancient crafts
  • The beauty and artistry of Buddhist arts and their power to aid mindfulness are in the unique energy and character of each piece; experienced through a Personal Connection

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