Ancient Thogchag Garuda

Ancient Garuda Thogchag Tibetan Beads.

To wear and meditate on this genuine old and cherished Tibetan Thogchag.

It will transform your consciousness ∼ improves your spirit ∼ attracts good luck

It will increase your compassion and inner wisdom ∼ it is very important to treat as sacred.

o    A beautiful, rare, collectable ∼ superb quality. 

o   Craftsmanship quality ∼ Thogchag alloy ∼ smooth to touch ∼worn surface.  beautifully warned bail ∼ attached tibetan beads to a leather cord.

  Approximately 12th century. 

o    Top bell, 19th century.

o    100% guaranteed genuine ∼ hand made using several ancient crafts.

o    Size 43mm x 3mm.

o    Weight 25g.

o    Genuine Spiritual item.

o    Tibetan owned worshiped and Lama blessed. 


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Ancient Thogchag Garuda
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