Kapala mala beads


◇Our passion lies in offering you a collection of high quality, genuine, Tibetan Buddhist artifacts

◇ Wisdom and spiritual energy of the devotion


▪︎ Expertly selected

▪︎Collected in the Himalayas

◇ High Quality craftsmanship

◇ Age, Antique

◇ High quality

◇ Well preserved, moist bead

◇ From an incomplete mala

◇ Beautiful patina

◇ Size 10mm x 10mm

◇ 1 Pair/ 2 beads per sale

◇ Put on a string with other special beads for a powerful Talisman. Flank Dzi or other beads

▪︎ Symbolism. Impermanence, Spiritual awakening, Protection, Wisdom

° Buy with Confidence!


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Kapala mala beads

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