Vajra Thogchag

The beauty and artistry  of  Vajra Buddhist arts and their power to aid mindfulness are in the unique energy and character of each piece; experienced through a Personal Connection

A vajra, is a ritual object in Tibetan Vajra  Buddhism that symbolizes both the indestructible and the diamond-like qualities of enlightenment. It is often depicted as a multi-pronged scepter or a thunderbolt-like weapon. The vajra represents the unshakable and indestructible nature of the enlightened mind

  • Beautiful hand made vajra Antique/Decades old, of high quality work. collected in the Nepal Himalayas 
  • Used and cherished, it has a nice patina and it is in very good condition with no damage 
  • It is 35mm x 12mm 
  • It has a wonderful feel and will be a great for adding to a special Mala or wear as amulet  

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