Tibetan Ghau

Introducing a truly exceptional 19th-century Silver Ghau Wheel, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and spiritual significance. This superb Ghau Wheel, meticulously crafted from silver, is a rare find that transports you to the depths of buddhist temple tibet.

Meaning “container” in Tibetan, a Ghau is a sacred shrine that holds miniature images, relics, or sacred objects. This particular Ghau Wheel is a testament to the exquisite artistry and devotion of its creators. Its intricate design, adorned with intricate motifs and delicate details, showcases the mastery of the silver artisans of the time.

Immerse yourself in the historical significance and spiritual power of this Ghau Wheel. It has been meticulously collected and preserved from the 19th century, carrying with it the echoes of devotion and the blessings of countless prayers offered by generations of practitioners.

To use the Ghau Wheel, open the intricately crafted lid to reveal the sacred space within. This space is meant to hold precious relics, sacred substances, or miniature representations of revered deities. Inside are present a small Tsa buddhist temple tibet, few prayer flags and a scripture page. You can place items inside, infuse them with your intentions and prayers, invoking the divine presence and protection.

Carry the Ghau Wheel with you as a sacred talisman, a constant reminder of your spiritual journey and the presence of the sacred. Its silver construction adds a touch of elegance and beauty, reflecting the luminosity of your devotion and commitment.

Embrace the opportunity to own this extraordinary 19th-century Silver Ghau Wheel, a treasure steeped in history and spiritual significance. Click “Buy Now” to invite the profound meaning, transformative power, and timeless wisdom of this Ghau Wheel into your life. Create a sacred connection to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and let the divine blessings and protection infuse every step of your journey.

Act now and make this exceptional Silver Ghau Wheel a cherished part of your collection. Experience the reverence and awe that it inspires, as it becomes a cherished symbol of your spiritual devotion and a reminder of the sacredness inherent in every moment.




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Tibetan Ghau

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