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Cymbals Roll Mo

◇ Rol Mo. The music of the Tibetan Buddhist Cymbals Rolls Mo monastery instrumental ensemble, is a classical tradition that can be traced back through more than a thousand years of ‘Tibetan history to even older roots in Indian Buddhist music.’ Transmitted and elaborated by lineages of Lama

◇Rol Mo remains a strangely unexplored form of musical art. Some Western writers deny altogether that much of it is music, claiming rather that it is ‘*magical sound” created for rituals in order to make a sensually pleasing offering to the Buddhist gods’ Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Protectors

◇ For this reason, it must be both skilfully executed and aurally pleasant. It is designed to please the ears of gods and awaken men

◇ Rol Mo represents human aesthetics in an extreme form. Music appropriate to such an esthetic will have both heightened emotional effect and formal structures, to please the emotional Cymbals Rolls Mo and cognitive faculties of audience


◇ Hand crafted in Tibet approximately 19th century of a secret alloy mix used only in this magnificent instrument

■ Size – 33cm

■ Condition

◇ Outstanding quality, superb condition and patina

■ Sacred Tradition Meets Modern Asian Deco

◇ Tibetan religious Cymbals Rolls Mo art apart from having the power to induce calm and change the energy of your home, are highly decorative objects

■ Significance

◇ This superb rare artefact has an irreplaceable place in Tibetan Buddhist culture

■ A Piece of History and Spirituality:

◇ Our Antique Rol Mo it’s a bridge between history and cultures

◇ Whether you’re drawn to the historical value, the spiritual benefits, or the aesthetic appeal, this is a treasure you’ll cherish

■ Embrace the Past, Elevate the Present:

◇ Incorporate it into your daily life and spiritual practice, allowing its energy to inspire and guide you.

■ Order Now: and Experience the transformative power of our rare antique Cymbals Rolls Mo

◇ By owning this beautiful piece you are connecting with Buddhist art and enhancing your spiritual journey

Original price was: £700.00.Current price is: £450.00.

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Cymbals Roll Mo
Original price was: £700.00.Current price is: £450.00.

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